Embassy fee to be paid to Danish embassies and consulates for handling of residence and work permits

From this webshop you pay the standard fee to the Danish embassy/consulate for handling your application for residence or work permit.
When applying for a residence/work permit, you should supply documentation and biometrics for your application. If you live outside Denmark, you should supply this documentation and biometrics via a Danish embassy/consulate and this requires a fee payment.

Standard fee to be paid in this webshop
The standard fee for applications for residence, family reunification, work, study etc. is paid in this webshop. Please continue below.

Fees for re-entry permit and issuance of a sticker for applications submitted in Denmark to be paid in this webshop
The fee for re-entry permits and for the embassy/consulate’s issuance of stickers for applications submitted in Denmark is paid in this webshop. Please continue below.

The services performed by the Danish embassy/consulate cover:

  • Transfer of biometric features and possible application documents to the Danish authority that will process your application
  • If further information from you is requested by the Danish authorities, the embassy/consulate will contact you
  • If an interview with you is required by the Danish authorities, the embassy/consulate will conduct an interview
  • In case a permit is granted, the embassy/consulate will issue a visa sticker for your passport when needed

Other fees - please note that:

  • A fee paid on the Newtodenmark.dk website to either the Danish Immigration Service or the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) does not include the services provided by the Danish embassy/consulate.
  • The Visa Application Centers, VFS, charge a fee for their services regarding scanning of passport and other documents and recording of biometrics.

A list of fees can be found on um.dk: Payment for services on the Travel and residence section.

General information on the application procedure is found on um.dk, the Travel and residence section, How to apply for a residence permit.

The webshop:

Terms and conditions

I consent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark registering my name, date of birth, passport number, address, telephone number, email address and IP address in order for me to pay fee for residence/work permit handling at a Danish embassy/consulate.

The length of your consent
Your consent will last until your data is automatically deleted, or until you withdraw your consent and request to have your data deleted. Please send an email to bvp@um.dk if you wish to withdraw your consent and delete your data.

Please note that we will keep the following data about the buyer of the fee for 5 years in order to handle payment support: Name, address and email address.

Read more about how we process your data, how and where to lodge a complaint and find contact information for the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer in the Terms and Conditions document.